Arts, funny things, and discarded portfolio ideas. Think of them as box full of stuff in storage waiting for their turn to shine.




Chan Ik Chris Jung



BreatheWell Foundation

Tracking air pollution for maintaining respiratory health. Interactive data visualization powered by Leaflet, OpenWeather, and plotly. Written content generated by ChatGPT.

Midas VR

King of classic tales has been envisioned as a modern-day entrepreneur with a relentless drive for success. His blind greed leads to his downfall and tragic events. Created using Blender and A-Frame.

Asobu Cold Brew Maker

Experimenting with various visualization methods, such as photography and 3D rendering, to convey the usability and functionality of an object.

AR Book Cover

Representing themes of literature through visually striking book cover redesign. AR component elevates the message through hidden layers of visual design.