Online Business Systems

Adapting to a new world of consultancy focusing on digital transformation and expanding my boundaries as a UX designer.


Digital Studio
Chan Ik Chris Jung

My Role

UX Design
Visual Design


May 1 - August 31, 2023

The specific details are under NDA. I'm always open to talk if you are interested.

Being an Onliner

During summer 2023, I was a User Experience Designer Associate Intern at Digital Studio, a part of Online Business Systems. I had to quickly learn and adopt to band new world of UX consultancy, but I was fortunate to experience different environment and work with talented and compassionate people. The lessons I have learned helped me expand my boundaries as a designer and be enthusiastic about future challenges.

Workflow Optimization

Designing an internal processing tool to optimize workflow for a major entertainment client.

Design Pitch

Creating a design prototype pitch to prospective client while enhancing the list of requirements with additional research.


Aiding research and design projects in various stages.

UX Advocacy

Creating UX advocacy cards to explain the business benefits and designing thinking process for internal and external use.


Ask simple questions
  • During the initial onboarding period, my manager noticed that I tend to listen but hardly asked questions. This led to having different conversations highlighting the importance of asking simple questions. Asking simple questions will help align understanding and expectation. It may even reveal new opportunity and insights.
Show don’t tell
  • “Don’t just assume everyone will understand what you are talking about.” Everyone had different knowledge and thought process. Just presenting a design concept or prototype may not be enough. Showing the entire process augmented by user story can be a conversation starter that can help align the trajectory of the project to the right direction.
Fully utilize downtime
  • There was bit of downtime during my internship. I was a little restless but soon realized you have to use the opportunity effectively. Whether you are taking well deserved rest or connecting with colleagues, fully utilizing the downtime will give you sense of structure and fulfillment.

Thank you for reading about my experience. Be sure to check out my other work.