Nibble Nibble

Create your own work of art using different digital sketchbooks. Inspired by etch a sketch and powered by cherry Twizzlers nibs.

My Role



Fall 2021

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Seeking inspiration from an oridinary objects.

We all have experience playing with the things that we shouldn’t have as a child. Our playful imagination had no boundaries and I believe it became more crucial than ever now that the line between physical and digital product is blurring.Through formstorming process, I wanted to explore different physical characteristics and discover unexpected properties of a junk food to reignite my imagination.


Re-examining preconceived notion.

The physical properties of Twizzlers nibs were explored under different formation, angles, and lighting conditions. The process has revealed number of surprising discoveries. The rough yet shiny surface and hard and not so malleable physical characteristics challenged my preconceived notion of what Twizzlers nibs were. Also the taste was surprisingly awful for something that is loaded with sugar.I’ve decided to utilize these “unexpected” physical properties formation as an inspirations.


Representing unique physical properties through digital sketch.

Sharing unique physical properties in digital format was more challenging than I initial anticipated. My original plan was to utilize canvas space as carefully curated showcase. However, I realized an interactive experience could provide sense of discovery that paralleled my physical formstorming exploration to users. With help of P5.js, I’ve developed number of different sketches that showcase different physical properties for users to experience.

Try out different digital sketchbooks


Use different methods to explore your ideas
  • Physical limitation has prevented me from executing number of ideas but P5.js has allowed me to explore and refine the existing ideas through different iterations of digital canvases. The process itself was bit of “controlled chaos” but it was due to my unfamiliarity of the tool and concept. It was quite an interesting experience maintaining core ideas and exploring new concepts shared between physical and digital spaces.

Thank you for reading my case study. Be sure to check out my other work.